Dive Safaris

White Beach Divers organises full day and overnight dive safaries to other areas wihin reach of Boracay Island including Carabao island, Maninguin Island, Pelacatan Island and off the mainland of nothern Panay. The diving safaries we offer include two or three dives per day, lunch, drinks, unlimited snorkeling, and white sand beaches.

Buruanga - One day
Off the north coast  of Panay is a series of walls ranging from 15 to 46 metres.  Buranga Point, Nasog Point, Black Rock, Dog Drift, and Ariels Point. .Larger fish such as Grouper, Snapper, Jacks, Tunas, and Barracuda tend to be found here. Between dives  our staff prepare a delicious BBQ and refreshments on the beach where you can relax, swim or simply take in the breath taking scenary.

Carabao island - One or two days
About 5 Km off the nothern tip of Boracay is Caraboao Island in the Province of Romlon, Diving here is largely unspoilt and still not fully explored.  Between dives you can relax at our sister resort where they will prepare a buffet lunch for you. The resort’s location was chosen because it is directly in front of a long, deep, and largely unexplored reef. The reef starts at about six meters and drops down to thirty plus meters, so there is something for every level of diver here.

Panagatan island - Two days
This is a two day safari with an overnight stay, it takes about 4 to 4 1/2 hours to get there travelling due west from Boracay and has some of the very best diving anywhere in the Philippines

Maninguin Island - One day
About 3 hours south west past Panay lies the Island of Maninguin a small island rising from deep water, the island has some deep walls that are home to some totally outstanding marine life including sharks and rays, tuna, jacks, incredible numbers of red tooth trigger and butterfly fish. As you relax between dives our staff will prepare food on the boat or on a nearby beach.

In summary, if you’re a diver who loves adventure, don’t leave Boracay without trying one of our exotic Dive Safaris.