Divesites in Carabao


A cavern starting at 18m The cavern is as big as a 3 story building. A great feel, when you kneel down at the bottom (30m) and look into the blue. The corals are amazing and you get to see sweet lips and groupers on every dive.The cavern is on a wall extending down to 45m. Not far from the cavern are caves which have not fully explored yet. Distance 30min from shop


Westwall I

A sheer drop down to the right. Often turtle to see again nice corals

 Westwall II

A sheer drop off to 30m to the left......


Lanas Village Reef

apopular dive site in the rainy season sheltered from westerly winds. Again a drop off down to 30m with magnificent corals and marine life. The site is big and good for two dives

White Beach Housereef
Our House reef, in front of the resort is only a short jump by boat or 10 minutes swim. It starts with a shallow coral rocks at the depth of 11 meters. After a short swim you get to a beautiful wall at around 14 meters. The wal lstretches for miles, so we divided wall in 3 sections or dives. In places it drops down to 50m. The walls are covered in amazing soft and hard corals and the marine life is abundant small and big fish.We take divers here on the non limit diving.
 Every dive you spot something new.


 Devils Boulder

A canyon that runs out into the open sea. Average depth 30m bizarre rock formations and stunning hard corals..


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